Medical Marijuana Is Now Legal in Oklahoma – Cannabis Business Insurance Is Available from NCIS

In June of this year, Oklahoma – the Sooner State – voted to legally allow residents to consume medical marijuana.…

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Cannabis Insurance MYTH Four: You Only Need Enough Insurance to Meet the State and Local Requirements

True or False: A Cannabis Business Entity Only Needs Enough Insurance to Meet the State and Local Requirements? As with…

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Cannabis Insurance MYTH Three: All Products are Rigorously Tested, Thus Product Liability is an Unnecessary Coverage

True or False: Because Legal Cannabis Products Are Screened and Tested, Product Liability Insurance Is Not Necessary? The cannabis industry…

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Cannabis Insurance MYTH Two: Cannabis Industry Growers Don’t Need Crop Insurance

True or False –  Cannabis Crop Insurance Policies Aren’t Needed for Cannabis Growers and Cultivators? Cannabis Cultivators often overlook the importance…

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Mike Bush of NCIS Speaks at CWCBE Los Angeles Panel Discussion!

Mike Bush of NCIS, Kramer Hendricks of SafeHerb, and Camille Dixon – Director of Cannabis Insurance Program for the State of…

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Cannabis Insurance MYTH One: Insurance Policies Don’t Cover Cannabis Operations

True or False –  Insurance Policies Do Not Cover Cannabis Operations for Cannabis Industry Businesses? Many cannabis operations think that there…

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