NCIS Tom Lucci

Tom Lucci, ARM, CPCU, MBA

Tom’s business career started as a transportation underwriter. This experience grounded him in the risk management process of identifying, analyzing and then selecting the right way to handle loss exposures. His loss exposure analysis ensures that all exposures are covered, trends in frequency and severity are identified and the proper cash flow program is implemented. His extensive knowledge of the insurance company operations facilitates the delivery of Risk Management Services to his clients.

NCIS Mike Bush

Mike Bush, MBA

Mike’s broad background in operations, sales and finance provides him a well-rounded perspective to understand the complex needs of our clients. His balance of an analytical approach combined with practical operational experience is leveraged to identify, analyze and select the right way to handle loss exposures.  His experience in the safety industry.

Mallory Czuchra 2

Mallory Czuchra, Sales and Marketing

Mallory is responsible for marketing and sales. Her sales responsibility focuses largely on dispensaries and growers, providing these business men and women with all the information they require in order to make the best decisions about protecting their investments with proactive cannabis businessinsurance policies. Mallory’s marketing role allows her toidentify cannabis-specific insurance companies and design comprehensive insurance programs for our customers. Her communication skills and attention to detail help NCIS to provide superior service and coverage expertise to our clients. Mallory has always been attracted to social issues, bringing curiosity, insight and determination to her work roles.