Natural Disasters Hit America One After Another – Cannabis Crop Insurance Helps Businesses To Be Prepared

The increasing threat of natural disasters is sweeping across the United States, causing panic for many cannabis businesses. How should…

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Alaska Cannabis Operations Benefit from Cannabis Business Insurance in “The Last Frontier”

Although Alaska is the least populated state while also paradoxically being the largest state geographically in America, this amazingly wild…

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Medical Marijuana Is Now Legal in Oklahoma – Cannabis Business Insurance Is Available from NCIS

In June of this year, Oklahoma – the Sooner State – voted to legally allow residents to consume medical marijuana.…

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Cannabis Insurance MYTH Three: All Products are Rigorously Tested, Thus Product Liability is an Unnecessary Coverage

True or False: Because Legal Cannabis Products Are Screened and Tested, Product Liability Insurance Is Not Necessary? The cannabis industry…

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Cannabis Insurance MYTH Two: Cannabis Industry Growers Don’t Need Crop Insurance

True or False –  Cannabis Crop Insurance Policies Aren’t Needed for Cannabis Growers and Cultivators? Cannabis Cultivators often overlook the importance…

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Cannabis Insurance MYTH One: Insurance Policies Don’t Cover Cannabis Operations

True or False –  Insurance Policies Do Not Cover Cannabis Operations for Cannabis Industry Businesses? Many cannabis operations think that there…

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