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Cannabis Radio Podcast Featuring NCIS’ Own Mallory Czuchra

Click HERE to listen to the Cannabis Radio podcast episode of CANNABIS  INDUSTRY VOICE from National Cannabis Industry Association, featuring our own Mallory Czuchra from NCIS discussing a bit of the history of NCIS as well as how she got involved in the insurance industry for legal cannabis-related businesses. Insurance can always be a tricky business, and within an evolving and new industry such as the legal marijuana industry, business owners and managers need to make sure that their operations are properly covered for the best business outcomes.

Mallory’s appearance on the podcast allows her to talk about and discuss insurance options for cannabis operations, as well as highlight aspects of insurance coverage that business owners may not have considered previously. If you want more information from an insider’s perspective on cannabis insurance, please check-out our recent webinar on Cannabis Insurance Myths – you can listen and view the webinar and even download a free power point presentation on the subject matter. When you’re ready to engage with us or if you just have questions you’d like answered, reach out to us here.