National Cannabis Insurance Blog: What Cannabis Policies You Need

As a Cannabis Supplier,  What Type of Cannabis Insurance Policies Do I Need?

Just like every other business out there, the cannabis business has the some of the same challenges and needs. The cannabis insurance policies you need may vary depending on your particular niche.  You can prevent common unpreventable losses from destroying your business and personal finances.

Cannabis insurance policies for your business

1. Liability insurance
2. Business Property Insurance
3. Crops insurance
4. Employment insurances
5. Commercial Auto Insurance
6. Inventory Insurance
8. Equipment Insurance
9. Professional Liability Insurance or E&O Insurance
10. D&O Liability Insurance
11. Product Liability Insurance
12. Business Interruption Insurance

We provide packages that include multiple types of insurance specific to your industry niche. This list is just an outline, some specialized businesses may require additional coverage. In addition to liability claims, consider any assets you have that you may want to protect.

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