Vape Disease Concerns: Does Your Policy Provide Vape Insurance Coverage?

Vape Insurance Coverage

As sales and popularity of vape pens continue to rise, so do the exposures for cannabis businesses.

A vaping-related lung disease has been the hot topic in recent news with 6 deaths and 380 confirmed and probable cases of vaping-related lung illnesses in 36 states. What does this mean for your cannabis business? You’d better read your insurance policy.

According to Cannabis Business Times , Nicole Howell Neubert, attorney-at-law at Clark Neubert, says that anyone involved in the legal marketplace should be taking a temperature check on every contract and every product that’s passing through his or her business. 

“To mitigate potential risk, all operators in the supply chain should take a look at their production, distribution chains, testing, and insurance coverage. And discuss with their attorneys in view of the state law in their jurisdiction,” Neubert says. “Proving a products liability case is based on many factors. But it’s important to know that anyone in the supply chain can be brought in as a defendant regardless of whether the retailer sold the specific product or not.”  

Simply put, anyone in the supply chain can get pulled into a product liability suit. Even if you are not held liable in the event of a clian, you may incur significant defense costs.

Does your policy include vape insurance coverage?

Our company is offering free policy reviews to ensure you have vape insurance coverage to protect your cannabis business. We will review your policy and/or provide a product liability quote.

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