Cannabis cultivators insurance protects the three stages of cannabis growth:

  • Living plant material
  • Harvested or drying curing process
  • Finished stock

It also helps to safeguard companies against natural dangers like lightning, fire, hail, windstorms and floods.

Cannabis cultivators insurance assists in covering the equipment at a grow facility by protecting against leakage from automated fire safety systems. It provides coverage for water damage from air conditioning and heating systems. It protects against plumbing accidents as well.

This insurance also helps shield businesses from expense caused by explosions and smoke should they occur while processing cannabis.

In addition, it covers finished stock issues ranging from cannabis in smokable to edible form.

To be eligible for cannabis cultivators insurance your facility will need inspected by a licensed electrical contractor to insure that your electrical architecture is adequate with the necessary power supply and number of circuits.

Cannabis cultivators insurance, like all insurance, is designed to cover your needs as a legal cannabis supplier, to protect you from risk and give you peace of mind.