Alaska Cannabis Operations Benefit from Cannabis Business Insurance in “The Last Frontier”

Although Alaska is the least populated state while also paradoxically being the largest state geographically in America, this amazingly wild and cold and dark (for part of the year at least) and natural adventure paradise has some pretty forward-thinking politics and business activities going on. You see, Alaska legalized the production, sale and use of marijuana by adults 21 years and older way back in November of 2014. Adults can possess up to an ounce of marijuana and can also grow or possess up to six marijuana plants as long as 3 or fewer are mature and flowering at the same time. Alaska’s Ballot Measure 2 also specifies that it is legal and entirely lawful to possess marijuana accessories such as pipes, bongs, other smoking devices, as well as “de-seeders,” etc. Alaska is, apparently, not just cold but also cool. It is, however, illegal to consume marijuana products in public places within the state.

According to a very recent article in the Anchorage Daily News, Alaska’s cannabis industry is continuing to grow – no pun intended! Quoting the Associated Press reporting in the ADN, “Some 119 taxpayers paid $1.5 million to the state in September, the department said in its monthly update. The state’s first sales of recreational marijuana to the general public were on Oct. 29, 2016, in Valdez. (A Fairbanks store had a soft opening the night before.) Each month since October 2016, the state has reported more taxpayers than the month before, even if tax collections rise and fall, the Juneau Empire reportedSeptember 2018 collections were down about $60,000 from August of 2018, the state reported, but continue an upward trend. January was the first month to report more than $1 million in taxes remitted to the state; every month since March has been above $1 million.”

With all that money be generated and going to state coffers, business appears to be booming for the legal cannabis industry in Alaska – especially if you consider the state’s very small population and how vastly spread-out across its counties its populace truly is. Business insurance for Alaska cannabis operations should certainly be a concern for newly minted or “veteran” operations – in a “wild frontier” setting such as in Alaska, it would seem wise and prudent to consider how to protect one’s business investments. With tremendous and sometimes unpredictable weather events, a smaller law enforcement presence across the state than in more populated regions, and the vast distances required for deliveries and shipping of cannabis-based products, there are a number of unfortunate scenarios that can befall a marijuana-based operation in Alaska. Smart investing and long-term planning call for proactively protecting property, distribution methods, cannabis crops. and even employees and vehicles used for various cannabis operations.

The great news is that National Cannabis Insurance Services is licensed to sell cannabis business insurance policies throughout Alaska. We’ve got cannabis coverage for all Alaskan cannabis operations and we’d love to chat with any business owner or manager who’s ready to take the next step in their cannabis empire! Are you ready to protect your business and your future in Alaska? Request a quote from NCIS today and we’ll respond with friendly service, multiple tailored quotes, and timely information. It’s what we do best at NCIS.

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