Rolling Stone Covers Cannabis Industry Fires and Devastation in California

Wildfire Season Affects All Types of Farms and Businesses – Including Cannabis Industry – Showing Need for Crop Insurance Solutions for Burgeoning Industry with Legal Applications and Uses


With the advent of global weather change appearing more dramatic each and every year, farmers and cultivators within the legal cannabis industry are scrambling and reeling from the worst wildfires in the state’s history this year, as even venerable Rolling Stone magazine reported upon last month. Changes in precipitation – some regions dryer than normal, other regions experiencing more precipitation – coupled with the affects on barometric pressure leading to higher wind velocities – are making predictable growing zones not so predictable – to devastating results. It can certainly be a very discouraging element to have to battle in order to make a marijuana-based business grow!

According to Rolling Stone’s coverage from August of 2018, “California’s legalization of recreational marijuana in 2016 — which went into effect in late 2017 — has created an economic boom, but Mother Nature has proven to be an even bigger foe than anti-weed politicians. Last year, as reported by Rolling Stone, an approximate 30 to 40 percent of California’s marijuana growers were impacted by the fires, according to the California Growers Association, but the recreationally legal weed industry was still in its relative infancy then, and has rapidly expanded in the months since. Many cannabis farms are within some of the driest parts of the state, where the ongoing drought conditions, extreme heat and strong Santa Ana winds can turn just about anything into kindling.

In a span of just a few days, what officials are calling the Mendocino Complex Fire — which encompasses two separate blazes, the Ranch Fire and the River Fire, around Clear Lake — has exploded in size to become the largest fire in state history, a title previously held by last year’s Thomas Fire in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. So far, there have thankfully been no human casualties, but 283,800 acres have burned and 75 homes have been destroyed. Over the weekend, police arrested three men in the town of Nice for interfering with a fire operation after they refused to stop watering their marijuana plants and evacuate the area.”

We can’t help wondering if those men reported on in the previous paragraph were unfortunate businessmen whose investments and labors were not insured? As our recent webinar on myths and misconceptions concerning cannabis insurance pointed out, cannabis insurance is possible and available in many states and for various coverage scenarios. It’s just smart business sense to insure your marijuana-based business if it is possible legally in your area.

Please contact us today to learn how we may be of service to insure and protect your cannabis business – crops, packaging, transport, dispensary or store – NCIS is here for you and desires to be of assistance in order to help your business thrive – rain or shine, fire or water!