First Cannabis Product Recall in California Marijuana Industry

Vape Cartridge Manufacturer Voluntarily Recalls Product Due to Pesticide Presence to Prevent Product Liability

Image courtesy of Marijuana Business Daily

“The Bloom Brand announced on its website the company and its manufacturer-distributor, Greenfield Organix 4th St., voluntarily recalled four products sold between July 1 and July 19. The recall covers nearly 100 retailers across the Golden State. No other states were affected. ‘” – John Schroyer, Marijuana Business Daily

Vape cartridge manufacturer The Bloom Brand recently executed a voluntary product recall affecting nearly 100 stores across California due to the unexpected presence of the pesticide Myclobutanil, which was determined to be present in some batches of its product distributed and offered for sale across California. Bloom is actively working with the BCC (Bureau of Cannabis Control) and the California Department of Public Health to ensure that all the affected product is removed from public access and consumption. Importantly in the new cannabis industry, this was the first product recall made in California’s very young, legal marijuana business across the state.

“Batch Number B-180504 contains the pesticide Myclobutanil and does not comply with the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) standards,” the Bloom Brand wrote on its website. ‘We are working closely with the BCC to remedy this issue and expect clean, compliant products to be back on shelves in three weeks.’ A Bloom Brand spokesperson declined to comment beyond the statement posted on the company website. BCC spokesman Alex Traverso confirmed in an email to Marijuana Business Daily that this is California’s first MJ product recall since Jan. 1, when the state’s newly regulated market formally launched.”

 Product liability concerns have long been an issue of major concern for businesses both small and large, especially when it comes to matters of health that are often present with consumables such as food, alcohol, confections, etc. Given the dangers associated with ingesting a substance via incineration and the chemical reactions therein (i.e. smoking and inhalation), kudos are definitely in order for The Bloom Brand for their aggressive and proactive actions to nip this contamination in the bud – no pun intended. Product liability, should a consumer be adversely affected by ingesting a product that they trusted to be safe, can be a heavy burden both brand-wise and financially for the offending manufacturer.

Recalling said product so that it does not affect consumers adversely can also be an extreme burden to a manufacturing entity, as all the profits that would have been earned via sales are negated and all vendors and employees involved in the manufacture/transport of the product still must be compensated fairly despite zero sales. Thus, product liability insurance is a valuable tool for the modern business and company.

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Lastly, you can read more about California’s historic first cannabis product recall on the Marijuana Business Daily website right here.